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How to become a millionaire from scratch in 4 simple and easy steps

Can I become a millionaire from scratch?

This question may seem strange to most people, and it may lead them to ask in amazement: How is this possible ?! Others may say that this is a kind of fantasy or a kind of dream that cannot be realized in reality. However, the reality is different from what they think. It proves that you can become a millionaire from scratch; There are many real stories and real examples of people who in the past suffered from poverty and lack of hand; They only had a few dirhams, not enough to buy a meal of food, and then after a while they became millionaires, or even billions!

Of course, these people did not obtain their wealth through inheritance or winning a lottery ticket, but rather through work and effort, after they decided to rebel against reality, adopted specific goals and set a plan and proceeded with it with determination and determination, and arrived at what they wanted. Perhaps it would be useful to show a true story of a young American who started from scratch and managed to get the first million after only five years. Let us listen to his story and the advice resulting from his personal experience that made him a millionaire from scratch.

Grant was a young American in his thirties, graduated from college, had no money, and for a while he remained unemployed, the same as most young men. Grant says he has reached an awful condition due to lack of money. There was only $ 2.26 left in his bank account. It is fortunate for him that he did not become frustrated as others might do in this situation. Rather, he decided that this balance would be an incentive for him, encouraging him to set a goal for himself, which is to get one million dollars during the next five years.

Grant started his first job with a job that paid an annual income of $ 50,000. However, he realized early that this income would not be sufficient to achieve his goal within the period he set for himself; This led him to establish a small business specialized in creating websites, where he designed the first website and sold it for $ 300. Then he started rolling orders, designing another website and selling it for $ 5,000. Grant was able to sell his first project for $ 100,000 in less than a year. Then he quit his job and devoted himself to running his own small business. And because “Grant” pursued so diligently to achieve his goal, only five years later, he had a little more than a million dollars in his account. Thus he became a millionaire from scratch.

Grant says he cannot guarantee that what happened to him will happen to everyone, but he provides 4 tips based on his experience, which he considers sufficient – at least – to significantly improve the financial situation of everyone who follows it. What are these tips I wonder?

How to become a millionaire from scratch in 4 steps

1. Get an adequate income for your effort:

Grant says the most important and first factor that will allow you to become a millionaire from scratch is to know well how much the correct salary should be paid. And he stresses that it is appropriate to ask your colleagues with experience at work about the amount that must be paid to you for the effort you are making, and if it turns out that it is less than what is required, ask your manager to increase your salary, after you prove to him the importance of the effort you provide to the company. Most employees don’t, Grant adds, because they fear their application will be rejected; Which causes them to remain prisoners of the job with a salary that is not commensurate with their efforts.

2. Save and invest;

According to Grant’s point of view, this is the second advice that can make a person a millionaire from scratch. By saving, you can invest your money in the right way; Doing so will make the money work for you. It is also worth noting and praising that “Grant” succeeded in saving 50% of his income during his journey to about a million. In this regard, it is proposed to the employees an “automatic method” to save on salary; He says: “Talk to the HR official and tell him to deduct 20% of your salary and hide it for you, or create a bank savings account and tell the bank to deduct a specific percentage of your monthly salary. After a while, you will find that you have saved a good amount that can be invested.

3. Make good income sources;

If you can increase your salary and save a good part of it, look for new sources from which you can get an income. You may consider additional work, set up your own business, or be able to invest your savings. Regardless of the method, the basic idea is to not be content with one source of income if you want to become a millionaire from scratch.

4. Focus your investment on areas that you know;

It is very important for those looking for wealth to know well how and where to invest their money that was able to save. If a person wants to invest in the shares of a particular company, he must consider the nature of the company’s business and the importance of what it offers to consumers, and learn the correct investment rules before embarking on placing his money in a specific field.

Of course, you can think and try other things than those mentioned in this article if you want to become a millionaire from scratch, but first of all, you must set in mind a specific goal and a clear plan and devote your resources and energies to achieving it. Do not dream too much, but work hard to change your reality. If you do not become a millionaire, you can achieve some kind of financial stability and financial freedom. Isn’t this better than continuing suffering and spinning in the debt spiral?

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