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Think Get Rich – Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules for Success and Wealth

There is a generally well-known rule that we have to put in a lot of effort to earn more money and thus become rich, but Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, has a different opinion on the matter. Hill believes that if we want to earn money and become rich, we must first change our way of thinking, and organize our thoughts in a logical and appropriate way to make achieving our goal of achieving wealth, wealth, financial success and economic freedom simple.

The idea of ​​the book belongs to the Scottish businessman and billionaire Andrew Carnegie, a person who was able to convert just a few pennies into enormous wealth through his work in the iron and steel field. Impressed by the intelligence and acumen of Napoleon Hill, Carnegie commissioned him to search for more than 500 millionaires, men who started from scratch and suffered from poverty, some of whom had little education and little influence.

Indeed, during the twenty years Napoleon Hill spent in hard work, in which he met the most wealthy and successful celebrities of his time, among them the inventor Thomas Edison, the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell, the millionaire John D. Rockefeller, as well as Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, in addition to the two American presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, to take more than 20 years to work with him, before the world’s best-selling book, Think Get Rich, was published in 1937.

This book is considered one of the best-selling books around the world, as the first edition of it was carried out within only 6 weeks of its publication, and it is the book that everyone who reads and understands his ideas is said to be able to achieve financial success and reach wealth regardless of his current financial situation.

Why did you run out of thousands of copies of Fikr, get rich in just 6 weeks?

In fact, Hill summarized the secret to gaining wealth and achieving financial success through 13 basic principles of wealth creation, and he also revealed the main reasons for failure that prevent us from becoming rich. In each of its chapters, the book deals with the secret of making money, the secret that has helped more than 500 wealthy people create huge fortunes, as Hill analyzed them over many years.

So where did Napoleon Hill put his magic formula for success?
In his genius book, Napoleon Hill focused on the secret of making money, in addition to dealing with how financial success and equity investment to reach wealth and wealth. He also spoke about a lot of mistakes and reasons that prevent us from achieving those goals.

Although the book was first published in 1937, his information and ideas are still relevant today.

Thirteen golden secrets of the rich

The following is a summary of Napoleon Hill’s Think Get Rich Book, which is summarized by Hill’s Thirteen Steps as the most important secrets of getting rich:

1- The power of an idea

You must first understand and apply the principles of success to any idea, as this guarantees that you will come up with a strong idea that is well suited and sure to succeed. As Napoleon Hill says: “To be masters of our destinies and leaders over our souls we must have the power to control our thoughts.”

2- Desire

An idea without wanting to implement it will never help you achieve the goal and achieve success and wealth. You have to have a burning desire for action, according to Hill.

3- Faith

You have to believe in your ability to achieve success and reach your goals, for it is your belief that will give you the enthusiasm and sufficient motivation to work, because believing in your capabilities, skills and abilities may save you from the fear of failure.

4- Self-suggestion

You should always have a dialogue with yourself, you should talk to yourself about all the ideas you want to convince yourself of. You must convince yourself of all the positive thoughts and focus on the ideas and goals that you want to achieve, as they can take root in your mind all through repetition. Napoleon Hill says: “Any idea, plan or goal can be entrenched in our minds through the Queen of Repetition.”

5- Specialized knowledge

Specialized knowledge is what will give you all the professional methods and tools to help you achieve your goals. You should not stop learning, and try to acquire specialized skills in the field in which you want to accomplish by doing a lot of experiences.

6- Imagination

Never set limits to your imagination, dreams, or goals. You have to clearly visualize your goals and the path to success and reach them in all the details.

7- Organized planning

Of course, the imagination alone is not enough, you have to turn that choice into a clear plan, which will be your first actual steps to achieving success. Your plan should be clear, structured, and measurable.

8- The ability to make decisions

Avoid the marketing and procrastination that kills any business, and be decisive in your decisions. If we wait for the right time to start our projects, this time will never come. We have to take the initiative and take a serious step to start work.

9- Persevere

Perseverance and persistence are an integral part of the path to success. Do not let failure stop you, as Hill says: “Edison failed more than 10 thousand times before he invented the light bulb, so do not be discouraged if you failed several times.”

10- Mastermind power

You must be wise and logical in making your decisions, try to develop this skill by choosing successful friends and do not be shy to seek their advice.

11- The subconscious mind

The benefit of the subconscious is that you can use it to get rid of all the negative thoughts that you think about. You have to look at your reality positively, and convince yourself that success is bound to come. “Most of the great achievers have achieved their greatest achievements, one step before their greatest failures,” Hill says.

12- Mind

This golden rule of success can be summarized by the phrase Hill mentioned in his book: “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve and accomplish.”

13- The Sixth Sense

Intuition or the sixth sense, which is a skill that must be acquired after many experiences. Where you will download the book Think Getting Rich that helps you avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities for success.

Our summary of Napoleon Hill’s genius book doesn’t mean you can do without reading the book. If you want better results, you should read it all to see the many examples, experiences and success stories that Hill cites based on the real experiences of 500 successful and successful millionaires around the world.

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