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Top 21 Easy And Tested Ways To Earn And Make Money From The Internet

The best ways to make money from the Internet

Have you finished your university studies and are you still waiting in line until you are called from a governmental or private institution to take up a job with a limited salary? Are you working in a job for a long time and earning a limited income that is not enough for you at the end of the month, and are you wondering how to make money from the Internet or other sources? Are you looking for a way that enables you to make money from the Internet and achieve additional sources of income in addition to your current income? If you are one of those, then we would like to tell you that you can now start making money from the Internet in easy, tried and effective and unconventional ways. You will ask me how? I will show you the way, but you have to decide – from this moment on – to start planning, to give up stereotypical thinking and switch to creative thinking in order to change your reality and proceed to the horizons of self-employment; Where you can earn money from the Internet.

Top 21 Easy and Tested Ways to Earn & Make Money from the Internet

In this article, we will present to you (21) easy and tried-and-tested ways to earn and earn money from the Internet, and you have to choose the method or methods that are compatible with your interests and skills, and give it your time and effort. So learn about its secrets, advantages and caveats, and most importantly, be patient, so that you do not get bored or rushed into results.

The best ways to make money from the Internet:

1. Make money from the Internet through mini services:

If you can provide a specific service that you master and know what others need for it, then you can do that through specialized sites and platforms, and make money from the Internet; All you have to do is create your own account on one of those sites or platforms, and offer your services through it. Of course, there are many services that you can provide, provided you have the necessary ability and skill. For example, there are design services, writing and translation, proofreading, survey preparation, commenting on videos, and many more.

2. Make money by working as a freelancer:

This is one of the most successful and tried-and-true ways to make money from the Internet. If you are proficient in a specific skill in any field, you can make an offer – by subscribing to a site that provides an opportunity to bring together freelancers and project owners – to carry out some of the work requested by the owners of different projects and compete with other freelancers to win the deal and make money from the Internet. Here, we would like to draw your attention to the need to choose projects that are compatible with your skills and experiences, and to present the proposal in a professional marketing method that shows to the project owner that you are fully aware of the requirements for its implementation during the period and within the specified budget. Examples of required projects include: design, content creation, writing of reports and articles, translation, website development and many more.

3. Profit from the Internet as a middleman:

If you would like to be a middleman and have an online store where you display companies’ products, then sell them and earn a percentage of the commission, you can now do so. But you must be prepared to put the effort and time into marketing your store in the first place, tracking orders, collecting and coordinating with companies. And make sure that it is worth you to devote your time and effort to build your own online store and make money from the Internet.

4. Profit from the Internet through training:

You might not know that there are millions of people searching the Internet to gain skills in a specific job; There are people who want to develop their skills in sales and marketing, or in the English language or graphic design, among others. And you may be skilled and expert in one of these areas, and you can prepare and provide training material in this field. Now you can do that through some websites and earn big money.

5. Profit from the Internet as a teacher for students:

You may be a specialist in a specific academic field, and you have educational materials and lessons that you can provide to students via the Internet. There are many websites that enable you to reach and teach a large number of students and earn money directly from them. Another method is tutoring via the Internet. Regardless of the method, you can now earn money online.

6. Profit through self-development:

The general rule says, “Unless you develop yourself, you will not be able to develop anyone else. Therefore you will not be able to earn money ”. The opportunity is in front of you, so do not miss it, there are a huge number of websites that provide information in all fields. You have to identify the field that interests you, start to gain the skills you lack, and develop your current capabilities. Set aside an hour or two a day from your time to learn something new to add to your stock of knowledge, and then start teaching and training others and earn a lot of money. I believe that this is the best way to make money from the Internet.

7. Use your talents to make money:

If you are talented in writing, for example, you have a product that many people are looking for. So why not unleash your talents and consider making money from the Internet as I and many others do? You can choose the field that you like to write in and start writing articles, short stories or marketing content and then publish it on some popular websites in order to market your product, and who knows; May it be your chance to spread, receive offers from customers, and win a lot of money?

8. Earn money from the Internet by writing an electronic book:

You might have useful information, experiences you want to share with the general public, or inspiring success stories. If you are, then you can include that information, experiences or stories in a book that you author and publish electronically on one of the specialized sites and offer it for sale for a certain amount. This is a good way to make money from the Internet, but it requires choosing an attractive topic and title, and effort and time to produce a book in an interesting, smooth and fun manner that provides useful information, in addition to mastering the arts of marketing and promoting the book, in order to attract buyers to it.

9. Profit from the Internet through marketing and commission:

It is now possible to use the Internet for affiliate marketing purposes. This method does not require you to have an online store or website; Rather, it suffices to have an active blog that has many followers or a mailing list in which you publish product links or purchase links for the products you market. According to this method, you will have to market a specific product belonging to a company, in return for a commission for each transfer, such as purchasing the product or subscribing to an educational program or otherwise. Among the most famous affiliate sites are Alibaba, Amazon, Clickbank and other famous sites.

10. Make money from the Internet by selling your own products:

For sure, you have a lot of old things (phones, computers, clothes… etc) in your home that you no longer need or use for a long time. Search the rooms of the house for such things and display them on some sites that offer this service, such as Amazon and EP. You might be surprised at how many people will buy what you offer; What you do not need there are many who need it. Then get rid of what you do not need and earn money.

11. Answer the questions and give advice:

There are sites you can subscribe to that allow you to answer questions that people ask and look for advice in specific areas. Although this method is not well known and used in the Arab world, it is used in non-Arab countries and many make money from it. One of the most famous sites in this field is Just Answer.

12. Earn money from the Internet by submitting your opinions and suggestions:

Some sites conduct a survey or survey for companies in which it polls the public’s opinions and suggestions about some new products and services before submitting them to the market, in order to benefit from the information in improving and developing their new products. You can participate by submitting your opinions and suggestions and earning money.

13. Buy and earn money:

It might sound a little strange; So buying is a loss of money, so how can I buy and earn ?!

With the spread of online shopping in recent years, and the intensification of competition between companies that market their products via the Internet, many of them have intended to grant those who buy their products an amount of money, as a method of marketing and encouraging consumers to buy. Of course, this is a good opportunity to buy and make money at the same time.

14. Design and earn money:

If you have the skill of designing logos that can be printed on specific products, you can sell them to companies looking for them for a good sum of money. But you have to have the skill to do design work because this field is highly competitive; As the number of people doing this work is very large and it is constantly increasing. Think about developing your skills and keeping up to date on everything new in order to be able to make money from the Internet.

15. Profit from the Internet by trading in the stock and currency market:

Although the world of stock exchange and stock and currency trading is not a new field, trading and making money from the Internet is somewhat recent. It is also one of the areas that may not be suitable for everyone; Due to the high risk involved. Therefore, if you are adventurous and master the laws of the game well, then go to the world of investing in stocks and earn big money.

16. Click and win money:

You can earn money from the Internet by registering on some sites and clicking on the ads appearing there. Although this method is used by many people looking to make easy money, its disadvantage is the small amount due. You might have to click a thousand clicks on the ad to get one dollar.

17. Make money from the Internet by shortening the links:

This is an easy way to earn money. All you have to do is shorten the links and place them on your site, blog, or personal page on Facebook or Twitter, or send them by e-mail to a large number of people. And whenever someone clicks on the link, you will earn an amount of money. However, its defect is similar to the defect of the previous method in terms of the small gain obtained from it.

18. Socialize and earn money:

Many deal with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat … etc.) on the basis that they are sites that are found to spend time placing likes and following some things that do not get fat or sing from hunger. But did you know that these sites are real mines for making money? You can use it to market your skills and products to millions of users of these means, and money may come from it that you would not have dreamed of or imagined obtaining.

19. Create a successful website:

There is no doubt that creating a website or blog has become very easy in this era, and anyone can create their own site. However, the main challenge is to publicize this site and attract followers and visitors to it, so that it becomes popular and desired by advertisers and business owners to publish their ads on it. Which leads to making money. Perhaps the advice that can be offered to achieve all of the above is that the site be purposeful and useful and provide information that benefits the public, and this will continuously increase the number of followers, make the site popular and attract companies to advertise their products.

20. Clear audio or video clips:

The main idea of ​​this method is to dump the audio or video content in the form of written text and publish it as an article on a website; There are many who prefer reading the topic instead of listening to or watching it. In fact, and from personal experience, this method is one of the good ways to make money from the Internet, in addition to it is enjoyable for those who love writing, as they can use their skills in writing the text and output it in a different way and attract readers to it.

21. Earn money from the Internet through software applications for mobile phones:

You may have a scientific background and practical skill in programming and still work in a job in one of the companies that gives you a simple salary that is not commensurate with your effort, and you can create a new application that provides a required service and is suitable for download on smartphones. So why not think of using your knowledge and skill in it? Perhaps if you know that those who implement these applications are making huge money, this may encourage you to start from this moment thinking about programming a new application from which you can earn money that may be enough to leave your job and establish your own project.

In the end, there are many ways to make money from the Internet, and it is not possible to mention all of them, and we have tried to address in this article the most prominent and most used ways to make money from the Internet. We emphasize here that the human mind will not stop creativity and innovate new means through which anyone can earn money and realize his dreams of becoming a prominent investor or entrepreneur someday referred to as Lebanon, and you may be that person, who knows?

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